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 From the beauty of the heart.
taste thinking,

Promote new aesthetics together.
Humanity system, make partners confident and customers feel at ease,
From customers to partners, with perfect education and

 to operate sustainably.
establish a firm foundation,

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Created with the concept of building dreams and pragmatism, integrating resources and benefits, making customers satisfied, colleagues happy, and working together to move towards the vision.

資產 6培育人才.png

Cultivate talents

Continuously improve the environment, improve education,
Inherit professional technology and cultural conservation.

資產 7自主管理.png


Training management talents, humanized system,
Use a participatory team model to achieve self-management.

資產 8服務目的.png

for the purpose of service

We regard ourselves as the creator of "beauty", build customer confidence, realize dreams, uphold the spirit of service,
Put customers first, and strive to make the world more beautiful.

 full implementation.
Aesthetics and Technology,

資產 29色彩學.png


Understanding Color and Analysis | Hair Dyeing Pharmacology and Practice Hair Dyeing Problems and Treatment | Application of Hair Dyeing Formula

資產 30剪髮.png
資產 31燙髮.png

basic haircut

Basic knowledge of holding a knife | Basic concept of division between points, lines and planes | Four basic structures of hair cutting / five elements of combination design / layered cutting method

Perm Course

Why do people need perm | The principle of perm and the relationship between curlers and curling skills | Pharmacological application and basic operation of PH

資產 32編梳.png

​Braided styling

Basic understanding of hair clips | Basic skills of braiding and combing | Basic skills of scraping and combing | Expression of creative concepts

資產 10超越滿分.png

The spirit of education that goes beyond full marks.

ART101 adheres to the spirit of ethics, emotion, expectation and innovation, and provides customers and employees with customized and professional design consultation with confidence.
Improve the affinity of employees, and relax the pressure of body and mind when enjoying international hairdressing.
Taiwan's first large-scale professional hair salon brand, integrating the spirit of artistic creation and aesthetics into customers' lives.
It is our eternal goal to go beyond the profession, surpass the perfect score, and exceed 101 points.

 Complete training.
Strict selection of teachers,

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資產 39re.png



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資產 41mo.png


資產 42wi.png


 Infinite inheritance.
educational policy,

資產 46人文.png

Humanities and Arts

The public taste is constantly improving,
And humanistic quality and artistic culture, with the fashion,
Reading, traveling, building, adding higher value.

資產 47經營.png


Examine and analyze, think about strengths and weaknesses to improve,
Promote its play, integrate team strength to create advantages.

資產 48創意.png

Styling creativity

The designer's greatest responsibility is to understand the customer's thoughts.
The ability to propose creates personal value and enhances performance.

資產 49美學.png

Aesthetics of the mind

Technical thinking comes from the beauty of the heart,
True beauty is the inner release of self-confidence and self-confidence.

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